Meet Mrs. Ann

 Hello, my name is Ann Taylor. I enjoy being with children and look forward to getting to know you and your child this year. I have worked as a teacher at the ELC for the past 7 ½ years. I am a member of Travis Avenue Baptist Church and have worked in preschool or children’s Sunday School there for about eleven years. 

I love living in Fort Worth and have been here for 19 years. My husband, Mark, and I came here after one year of marriage for him to attend Southwestern Seminary. He is now a faculty member at the seminary. Before becoming a stay-at-home Mom, I practiced hospital pharmacy for

10 years. 

Mark and I have 3 daughters, Mary (17), Audrey (15) and Anna Ruth (13).  I enjoy spending time with them and taking them to school, church, piano, athletic events, and violin lessons. 

Here are some of my favorite things: 

Food: Subway sandwiches, ChickFilA, Panera Bread

Leisure activities: listening to music, live performances, browsing at bookstores, scrapbooking

Birthday: November 12 

I look forward to spending time with your child and co-teaching with two of my good friends. I anticipate a great year!


Meet Mrs. Nancy


My name is Nancy Mitchell and I am so looking forward to meeting each of you and your babies!  I grew up in Springfield, MO.  I received my BS degree in Sociology and Psychology before serving as a Social Worker at the OK Baptist children’s Home and then House Director for a Girls Group Home (Shelterwood) in Branson, MO.  I met and married my husband Eric and soon after moved to Marietta, GA where he served as a Youth Minister.  We went on to live in Memphis, TN and Louisville, KY while Eric was in school.  We came to Fort Worth, TX in 2002 for Eric to begin teaching Old Testament and Archaeology at Southwestern Seminary.  We have four children Molly (24), John (23), Anna (20) and Emily (18).  Over the years since Molly was born I have either kept pre-schoolers in my home or worked as a nanny until we moved to Fort Worth.  After moving here, I worked for 5 years in the International Student Office at the Seminary.  I enjoyed this job.  But after substituting at the ELC in the spring of 2008, I loved it so much, I began to pray to see if perhaps God would want me to make a change and once again work with children which I love so much.  So 2008-09 was my first year to work full time at the ELC.  I am thankful that this is the Lord’s direction for me.  I will love your babies, do everything in my power to keep them safe and will seek to teach and train them patiently every day.


Here are a few of my favorite things:

Being a Wife and Mom!

Having coffee or lunch with a friend

Favorite Foods:  Fuddruckers, Chic-fil-a, Mexican Food

Hobby:  Scrap-booking

Birthday:  March 25




Meet Ms. Beckie

     My name is Rebecca Espinoza but nearly everyone calls me Beckie, spelled with an ie because my older sister decided that this was prettier.  She is five years older than I.  We are sisters and best friends.  I am one of 12 children my parents had.  I can say that this was quite an experience.  I was the first of my sisters to finish high school.  My father had a 3rd grade education.  My mother never attended school.  My father learned to speak English from the jobs he had.  My mother spoke only Spanish in our home.  My older brothers and sisters spoke enough English to teach me.  I loved school very much and I was champion speller of Washington Heights School when I was in sixth grade.  When I graduated from high school, I went to work at a jewelry manufacturing factory, producing high school, college, and service awards.  I worked there for 19 years.  After that I worked as an engraver at a plastics company for 13 years.  I had a number of small jobs as a mother with three children.  My children are the love of my life and I’m very proud of them and all that they have accomplished. 

    In 1993, I started attending a Bible Church, got saved and worshipped there.   I ministered to four year olds in Sunday School for about 20 years.  It was my desire to help with the babies, and so about five years ago I was needed in the infants class (God knew my desire) and I now minister to little ones with all my heart and enjoy being a part of their lives.  I look forward to doing the same for your little ones.

     I am the proud mother of a very handsome son and two very beautiful precious daughters.  I have thirteen grand-children and eight great grand-children.  All of them are very, very special to me.  I am blessed to have them in my life.   I promise to do my best to tend to your little ones with all my love, kindness, and patience.

My favorite foods are tacos and Mexican rice and beans.  My favorite sweet is Twinkies.  My hobby is hanging out with my senior friends in the Red Hat Society Club once a month where I get to wear purple and awesome red hats.  We go to restaurants, parks, antique stores, zoos, and do other fun things.

My Birthday:  June 21st.